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Kristen is an award winning choreographer whose work can be seen on screen and stage. Her signature movement takes inspiration from all things “ooky spooky” and has been described by critics as both delightfully mischievous and menacing.  


On stage, she has choreographed original dance creations and musicals as well as movement directed for regional and international theaters. Her work has graced stages in Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Virginia, Denmark, Sweden, Edinburgh, and NYC. Her first original creation, "Gilded", won the award for Best Dance and Physical Theater at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington D.C., and she has since been nominated for and won man awards for her work. Her screen credits include work on set with Nickelodeon, International Film Channel, and Hallmark.

Before leading her own rehearsal rooms, Kristen worked as a performer alongside such creators such as Andy Blankenbuehler, Savion Glover, Karma Camp, & Connor Gallagher on tours and regionally.

Learn more about Kristen's performance career HERE.


 About Me & 

M y  W o r k

A proud queer choreographer, I am committed to physical story telling that is simultaneously accessible and thought provoking. I use movement to support the story being told in ways that are engaging and sustainable. I believe that movement is a universal language that can bridge the gap between audience and artistry.

In my work, I explore known stories through overlooked lenses with my choreography taking inspiration from all things “ooky spooky”. By employing narrative along with an avant-garde aesthetic, I feel any topic can be uniquely explored and discussed.


Dance can be alienating and often has audiences feeling like they have been left behind. We can amend this. We can simultaneously celebrate the audience and artists if we use a common language. Our bodies are incredibly expressive, so why not tell stories with them that are as multifaceted and nuanced as we are?! There are gloriously bright lights and dark niches in everyone, and as artists, it’s on us to create experiences that highlight this.

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  M O R E  

Kristen's work in theatre, film & television has spanned the the globe, receiving multiple awards for her Outstanding Choreography.

 See her full resume. 

THISTLE is Kristen's baby - a dance company founded on the belief that dance is both entertainment and activism simultaneously. We are always conjuring grace from the grotesque, awakening the artistry in our audience while building avant-garde extravaganzas that bloom at the intersection of theater and dance. 

Check It Out: www.thistledanceinc.com

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 C R E A T I N G 

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UNRAVELL'D is a thriller dance film exploring the labyrinth of love and the psyche.

Premieres October 30th 2020

This project is produced by Prospect Theater Company.



The Answer is a dance film to the music of composing duo INNISSENT.

This project is produced by Prospect Theater Company, releasing Aug 2020

White Shoes


Footwork is a dance for the camera using only the root of the body - the feet. This film will explore the laws in place that stop progress as we follow 8 dancers truly trying to find their footing.

This project is produced by Lawryn LaCroix of Pinkhouse Productions with Thistle Dance Inc